Senior Dog Wellness & Conditioning

Many of our older pets suffer from arthritis and other medical conditions making every day activities challenging for them. Stiff joints and muscles, weakness, decreased energy levels, discomfort, and extra weight can limit a senior pet’s ability to engage in their daily routines. Even the simple activity of walking, getting into the car, and climbing stairs can be difficult to perform. At Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation, we create conditioning programs to improve your senior pet’s day-to-day function and benefit their quality of life. We use a variety of treatment modalities to increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, relieve muscle stiffness and pain, and increase overall mobility, energy levels, and fitness. Our treatments include, but are not limited to: activity-targeted therapeutic exercise, passive range of motion, massage, water therapy, and acupuncture. Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation makes conditioning fun for your pet, engaging them physically and mentally, improving their mobility and quality of life.

Active/Sporting Dog Fitness and Conditioning

If you have an athletic or highly active pet, they can place heavy demands on their musculoskeletal systems during work and play. Whether they are working dogs, hunters, agility competitors, show animals or active family pets, a conditioning program will prepare their bodies for the stresses of high activity levels. Our conditioning programs will assure your pet is in top shape, maintaining flexibility and strength to help prevent injury. These programs are essential to maintain fitness in the off-season and can be used to compliment routine activities. At Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation, our CCRPs will create a custom fitness program for your healthy, active dog.